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Earning Loyalty Donations


Add all payment cards (why?)

Add all payment cards

Securely register the 16 digit card number in your mobile app

(we don't take the 3 digit number on the rear)


Use your card to pay instore or online

Use your card to pay instore or online

Use your registered card(s) to pay instore or online

(We do not store or share any data)


Earn Loyalty Donations for your chosen charity

Earn Loyalty Donations for your favourite charity

Donations awarded and redeemed

Retailers include:

Barrhead Travel
Blue Inc
Jamies Italian
American Golf
Hungry Horse

Supported Charities

When a registered credit or debit card is used in a participating store, reward credit is earned. When sufficient awards have accrued, notification is provided so that a donation can be confirmed to your chosen charity.

Donations are controlled and securely administered by a registered charity that specialises in charity transfers — Charities Trust, Charity Registration No: 327489

Over 9,000 UK Charities supported - other UK charities can apply for registration

Rewards and Loyalty Donations

Cash out your rewards in the form of a cash donation to your chosen charity

Donate Now

Your app will keep a handy record of:
a) rewards earned
b) donations made


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Information for Charities

You can talk to us for support and expertise in helping engage donors to use this innovative new way to donate.

We also work with Charities to deliver the unique Impact technology in a fully branded mobile application.

Please contact us using the form above to discuss how we can help.

Information for Business

Corporates and SMEs wishing to partner with Impact can find details on our dedicated website.

Information for Merchants

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