Impact App FAQ's

How does it work?

  • Our Impact software system is integrated with the U.K’s major payment networks. When your registered cards are used for payment to a participating retailer, the retailer recognises you and adds the amount spent to your personal Loyalty Rewards account. As balance increases, your Rewards can be exchanged for Donations, subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Why do you need my card number?

  • We ask for your unique 16 digit card number which qualifies you as the sole recipient of the Loyalty Reward from your in-store/online spend. Your card expiry date enables us to remind you to register your new card to ensure your loyalty continue uninterrupted. At no time will Impact request the 3 digit number from the signature strip.

How is my card number stored?

  • Your card number is passed straight to the payment network for storage in compliance with PCI standards. Impact has no visibility of your card number.

How is my other personal data stored?

Who handles the money I want to donate to charity?

  • The funds accrued to each customer within the Impact Loyalty Reward program are transferred to Charities Trust (Charity Registration Number 327489), a leading UK Donation Fund Manager for distribution to your nominated Charity.

Which Charity can I donate to?

  • Impact is already connected to over 9,000 UK charities. Having registered , simply enter the Name or Registered Charity number of your preferred UK Charity. For inspiration, we have Featured several Charities. If your favourite charity is not listed, please contact us on and we will give them the opportunity to join our program.

What happens when my credit / debt card expires?

  • Impact does not hold this information. However, by clicking on PROFILE on the Impact APP you can access this information via the Mastercard or Visa records which are PCI compliant. If necessary your card details be updated through their site – it is that simple!

What is the Impact Fund?

  • The Impact Fund is not a charity. The fund randomly donates, the funds held, to charities chosen by Impact in ways that attract a match and double the donations.